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Mark Dobson has installed his imaginative play systems in thousands of backyards throughout central Florida since 1990.  Due to enthusiastic word of mouth, PlayLofts, located on U.S. 1 just north of the Pineda Causeway, continues to fill a widening demand  for high quality swing-sets and climbing structures. "Because  we are a local, family-owned business, we are available to provide a large variety of adaptable and expandable playgrounds, along with personal consultation on what fits best for each yard." Many  families have grown right along with PlayLofts, having Mark  return to add on new challenging features as their children's skills develop. Mark  erected the first PlayLoft in upstate New York for his own kids, age three and one. Soon PlayLofts was born, with Mark building, wife  Cathy answering the phone, and the two boys as eager  test-pilots. Relocating to Florida in 1989, the Dobsons found a year-round climate for outdoor play structures. Their sons  became more involved as installation helpers till moving out to  college. Many local  schools, churches, public parks, apartment complexes, and child-care centers have turned to PlayLofts for its line of heavy, commercial grade playgrounds. PlayLofts uses lumber and hardware suited to coastal Florida's unique climate. Non-toxic,  construction-grade, southern pine, along with galvanized and  stainless steel fasteners, have been proven to stand up to the  elements with very minimal maintenance. Mark guarantees, "Using  higher quality lumber, hardware, and accessories, along with expert installation, PlayLofts offers exceptional value for your investment." 

Why are PlayLofts better?

About our wood: Southern yellow pine is the appropriate lumber to   withstand the  stresses of active children. As a construction grade wood, it is   used  not only in play systems, but also in heavier applications such as    boardwalks, docks, and decks. When treated with ACQ, the non-arsenate,    environmentally safe preservative, southern pine is lifetime-guaranteed  against   termites and decay. Other brands have used the softer lumber,  redwood and cedar, which are lighter weight, and unsuitable as  supporting or structural elements.Hair-like splinters from redwood  tend to irritate the skin due to natural   toxicity, can cause  infection, and are tedious to remove. Other non-treated wood   will  rapidly succumb to insects and weather. We are pleased to use southern    pine, recommended by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the  Environmental   Protection Agency, and the American Council On Science  and Health as the best   choice for playgrounds. 

About Our Hardware: The coastal areas  of Florida are subject to   corrosive salt carried in the air from the  ocean. Play systems shipped in kit   form from other states include  electro-plated screws and bolts, which lack the   proper rust-resistant  ingredients. It would be wasteful to invest in a system   that could  become hazardous in one year due to failure of the connecting    hardware. PlayLofts employs hot-dip galvanized and stainless steel  fasteners,   which have proven to be long-term effective even on the  beaches. 

About Our Installation: We have been  installing our play systems in   Central Florida since 1990. Our  structures are level, even if your ground   is not. This saves on costly  land grading and avoids a lop-sided eyesore, common   results of other  brands. We have been entrusted with the safety of thousands of    children in public and private schools, child-care centers, and parks,  and we   bring our knowledge and experience to your backyard. We are a local company that is immediately  accessible to you. Using higher quality lumber, hardware, and accessories, along with expert installation, PlayLofts offers exceptional value for your investment. 

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